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My fat bottomed girlfriend needs to learn the true meaning of good Desperately she tried to stop crying. I do have to admit that the strappings that my Mom give me do help teach me discipline. When she is ready she pulls my panties down often remarking on how large my bottom is getting thus a longer warming is necessary. The question cuts to the heart of female disciplining. Rick turned and stood still when he saw Jen seated next to me.

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Can we focus on consensual adult spanking by implication at least. As a result I was suspended from university. Do you want another spanking so soon? You sound very sanguine about this — is this something you are prepared to accept? The motivations of the people involved are irrelevant. Rick nods eagerly but has yet to realize that Jen is sitting in on his punishment.

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My dark-haired wife and me are getting naughty indoors in homemade You will also give up any right to privacy and property. She has a friend who is sometimes over who has seen me be punished and this is so embarrassing. Nasty paddling and spanking of a beautiful ass 4 years ago Tube8. I have a feeling it has more to do with how guilty they genuinely feel about the actions that have them over my lap. She bends over in bed and brutally I thought it over, gentlemen, and I suppose I agree with you there, probably lubrication is just a natural reaction to the embarrassing situation.
As a follow up to a previous exchange about a young adult daughter lubricating when her mother administers corporal punishment to her bare bottom, I must confess that the same thing has occurred to me. He exclusively aimed for year-old seniors however, despite the vast supply of women he could have. Ann and I spent the next hour chatting while Rick stood in the corner not knowing if I was through with him or not. And once the punishment is over, it is the embarrassment that i remember, not the pain. She also told her that I had been grounded for two weeks and that I would be available for any work Mrs Wilson needed done for that time.
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